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  I had the pleasure of visiting Hermosillo, Sonora. A relatively small city located on the northern part of Mexico, it has around 1 million inhabitants while Mexico City has around 21 million (I know, it’s crazy). This was my first time visiting and I had a great time. Life seemed much less stressful, there was not much traffic on the streets, the …

Napster Animations

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Click here to see the Napster Animations fan page.  (You can watch them fullscreen if you click on the tv screen) This is a small project my sister Berry and I worked on. It’s just a small way of paying tribute to this great saga of cool Napster animations from 2003. It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to watch a …


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Went on a small vacation to Guadalajara, the city where I was born and attended college in. This was the first time I took a trip by myself and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot. Had a lot of time to think to myself. I did many things and saw a lot of places but one of the main reasons for my visit was …

New Job!

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I’m really happy to announce that tomorrow I start working at Figment! I’m sure I’ll be meeting cool people and learning a lot from them. I’m also really excited to work on new projects and getting my feet wet with new technologies. It feels nice to start a new journey and be part of a creative team, I’m going to …

Job Interview

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Today I had a job interview at Figment, a pretty cool place to work. They make all kinds of creative works for big clients: TV ads, interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, marketing campaigns, etc. I’m not sure if I will get the job but it was a good learning experience. I know much about Flash and I’m capable of …

A Blood Moon Eclipse

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Today I saw a full moon eclipse! It was a great show and it lasted longer than a solar eclipse because the earth is about 4 times bigger than the moon, and thus it can cast a shadow on the moon for much longer. The red color comes from the Sun’s light refracting in the Earth’s atmosphere. It was awesome.