Warm Bonfire

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This cool animation is the work of the great etall and you can find the source of this GIF in this YouTube video. He made it using a program called Hexels and it was inspired by the video game Dark Souls. What I did was to turn the video into this looped GIF and I also made sure the dark parts would not animate using a mask. It was made …

Dark Side of the Moon

inCreactive Experiment, HTML5

Here’s a looped video I made using Bit101’s GIF Loop Coder, a really great tool for making looped gifs out of code. I first tried to export it as a gif but the glow and the colors didn’t look right because of the 256 color limit on the gif format. So I made it into a video instead using OBS and Premiere. Here’s the source code and here is …

Whale Layers

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  I decompiled and ported this great example of AS2 code into AS3 using Starling and DragonBones. Here’s the original, and here’s mine, optimized and running at 60fps. I want to turn it into something else, I’ll be posting an update soon.