Napster Animations

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Click here to see the Napster Animations fan page.  (You can watch them fullscreen if you click on the tv screen) This is a small project my sister Berry and I worked on. It’s just a small way of paying tribute to this great saga of cool Napster animations from 2003. It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to watch a …

Whale Layers

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  I decompiled and ported this great example of AS2 code into AS3 using Starling and DragonBones. Here’s the original, and here’s mine, optimized and running at 60fps. I want to turn it into something else, I’ll be posting an update soon.  

Open Multiple FlashDevelop Instances

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If you ever find yourself trying to compile multiple projects at the same time and don’t want to be switching between them in the same FlashDevelop window, just open a new instance of FlashDevelop. If you are like me and didn’t go into the advanced options when installing FlashDevelop, where you can check a Multi Instance Mode option, there’s no …

Flash Online Conference #10

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I stumbled across these online meetings just a couple of months ago, when I saw a cool demo shared on made by Sergey Gonchar, the organizer of these events. The conferences basically consist of news and demos about the latest features introduced into the Flash & Adobe AIR platforms. The next meeting is happening in 2 days and it will …