Job Interview

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Today I had a job interview at Figment, a pretty cool place to work. They make all kinds of creative works for big clients: TV ads, interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, marketing campaigns, etc. I’m not sure if I will get the job but it was a good learning experience. I know much about Flash and I’m capable of …

It’s Alive!

inCreactive Blog Leave a Comment is officially live! I’m still working on some finishing touches related to the design, specifically the logo,  but overall I’m happy with the initial content. I have 5 of my latest projects on display in the work section, five posts on this blog and a concise introduction and a list of my skill set in the about section. In …

Flash Online Conference #10

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I stumbled across these online meetings just a couple of months ago, when I saw a cool demo shared on made by Sergey Gonchar, the organizer of these events. The conferences basically consist of news and demos about the latest features introduced into the Flash & Adobe AIR platforms. The next meeting is happening in 2 days and it will …

A Blood Moon Eclipse

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Today I saw a full moon eclipse! It was a great show and it lasted longer than a solar eclipse because the earth is about 4 times bigger than the moon, and thus it can cast a shadow on the moon for much longer. The red color comes from the Sun’s light refracting in the Earth’s atmosphere. It was awesome.

Hello world!

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Welcome to my website! I’m going to be using it mainly as a portfolio and a personal blog. I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot from others on the Internet, it’s time for me to give back and make a name for myself. Here’s to the future!