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Went on a small vacation to Guadalajara, the city where I was born and attended college in. This was the first time I took a trip by myself and I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot. Had a lot of time to think to myself. I did many things and saw a lot of places but one of the main reasons for my visit was to see Gesaffelstein play live, and of course, he gave a great show and I danced like crazy.

Another great surprise, and something I want to share with you guys, is the work of Maximino Javier, a Mexican painter from Oaxaca. I got the chance to see his work being exhibited at the MUSA (Museum of Arts of the University of Guadalajara). The exhibition was titled “De amor, colores y tierra” (About love, colors and land) and I just loved it. it was so colorful and the worlds he created were so dream-like, it was a real delight! Here, let me show you some of his work:

The featured picture up there is of the inside of Templo Expiatorio and it was taken by Mario Tapia. You should also check his work, he’s got excellent photos from all over Mexico.