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I had the pleasure of visiting Hermosillo, Sonora. A relatively small city located on the northern part of Mexico, it has around 1 million inhabitants while Mexico City has around 21 million (I know, it’s crazy). This was my first time visiting and I had a great time. Life seemed much less stressful, there was not much traffic on the streets, the air didn’t look polluted and the according to Wikipedia, Hermosillo has a very high Human Development Index, over 9000 apparently 😉

I did noticed they had better city planning than Mexico City and even felt a bit a American at times. But the culture is definitely Mexican, beginning with their strong northern accent, which I really liked, the Banda on almost all the radio stations, their strong preference for the Tecate Light beer, their meat boutiques and overall excellent food, all the way to their really hot temperatures at noon, their great hospitality and beautiful women. It was a nice experience. I took this photo of the city from the top of El Cerro de la Campana (The Bell Hill) at sunset.