Crayola Interactive

inCreactive Unity

This was our first interactive installation made with the Kinect V2 and Unity for Crayola Mexico. I’m very proud to have worked on this project with my Figment team: Román Díaz, Antonio Gaytan and Antonio González. It consisted of three experiences: “Splat”, “Color Runner” and “Píntate”. The first experience detected the movement of your arms and let you throw virtual balloons …

Crayola Experience AR

inCreactive Flash

I had a lot of fun building this project alongside a great team of talented people over at Figment, special thanks to Antonio González, Alberto Montoya, Jorge Nolasco and Ismael Baltazar. We created a set of 8 augmented reality experiences that could be enjoyed, and interacted with, by scanning the works of art from several Mexican artists and influencers.

Robotic Arm

inCreactive Flash

Instructions: You can move the robotic arm around using the sliders and the “Spit Fire” button but it’s easier if you use these keyboard combos: To rotate the whole model around the base use the Left and Right keys To move the 3 arm joints and the jaws use (A,S,D,F) + (Up or Down) To open and close the jaws use …

Super Mario Bros.

inCreactive Flash

Even Mario can’t have enough bitcoins. Mostly modeled in 3ds Max Textured with the original color pallet Animated using Sparticle and sprite sheets. The question box, the bitcoin and the number 200 were made using Lua