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inCreactive Spark AR

Completely inspired by this tweet from Kitasenju. This is my first demo done with Spark AR and it’s been a lot of fun learning the platform.

Welding Cinemagraph

inCreactive Cinemagraph

The cinemagraph is a medium pioneered (and named) by husband and wife team Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg in which individual instants of motion are isolated against a static image. This dichotomy creates moments that are quiet and contemplative, elevating the humble GIF into something much more refined. Made back in 2013 from a reel video of stock footage Made …

Matrix Digital Rain

inCreactive Flash

Made with the original set of characters, all 54 shapes made in Photoshop Phantom effect provided by Sparticle, to see it move the model around Characters arranged and shuffled using Lua Composed of 2 sprite sheets and 10K particles  

Super Mario Bros.

inCreactive Flash

Even Mario can’t have enough bitcoins. Mostly modeled in 3ds Max Textured with the original color pallet Animated using Sparticle and sprite sheets. The question box, the bitcoin and the number 200 were made using Lua

Lunar Phases

inCreactive Flash

The phases of the Moon depend on its position in relation to the Sun and Earth. As the Moon makes its way around the Earth, we see the bright parts of the Moon’s surface at different angles. Clean design made in Photoshop Animated using Sparticle and Lua It loops seamlessly  

To The Moon!

inCreactive Flash

Doge goes to the moon in his spaceship. This is the first complete scene I made with Sparticle after learning from the tutorials and free examples. It  is based on Nyan Cat, made by gonchar.